The world’s politico-socio-economic center of gravity is re-balancing towards the east. It is imperative to have a generation of leaders from both inside and outside of Asia who will understand the issues generated by the shift.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program aims to nurture promising mid-career professionals to become future leaders and influencers with a deep understanding of global policy issues from Asian perspectives, and to develop and cultivate their long-term ties from around the world with Asia, and vice versa.

Program Highlights

  • Lectures by thought leaders

    Lectures by thought leaders

    Through Asia Global Institute’s network, AsiaGlobal Fellows have the opportunity to interact with prominent global thought leaders.

  • Study trips to Asian capital cities

    Study trips to Asian capital cities

    The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program brings the Fellows to different Asian capital cities to learn on-the-ground global issues from Asian perspectives.

  • Local visits in Hong Kong

    Local visits in Hong Kong

    Fellows have the opportunity to visit various institutions and facilities in Hong Kong. Through which, they can gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the international city and how to overcome some of its challenges.


Fellows in the News

Meet the Fellows

  • 2023 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    2023 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    These AsiaGlobal Fellows are mid-career professionals who are up-and-coming leaders in politics, policy, business and civil society.

  • 2022 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    2022 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    Outstanding mid-career professionals from around the globe have been selected for the cohort of the AsiaGlobal Fellows Program.

  • 2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellows

    The AsiaGlobal Fellows share a common interest in global issues and Asia policy matters, and are committed to using their talents and what they learn from the program to make the world a better place.


Who are AsiaGlobal Fellows?

  • Mid-Career individuals

    Mid Career
  • Up-and-coming influencers

    Up Coming inFlu
  • With proven leadership skills

    leadership skills
  • Representing more than

    25 Country
  • Average Age

    40 Years Old
  • Average years of work experience

    15 Years
Meet the 2023 Fellows

Meet the 2023 AsiaGlobal Fellows

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