The world’s politico-socio-economic center of gravity is re-balancing towards the east. It is imperative to have a generation of leaders from both inside and outside of Asia who will understand the issues generated by the shift.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program aims to nurture promising mid-career professionals to become future leaders and influencers with a deep understanding of global policy issues from Asian perspectives, and to develop and cultivate their long-term ties from around the world with Asia, and vice versa.

Fellows in the News

  • Competitiveness of LGUs

    Competitiveness of LGUs

    In his regular column in The Manila Times, 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellow Ira Paulo Pozon, talks about why local government competitiveness is on the rise and how local goverment units are leading the way for greater governmental reforms.

  • Africa’s Disengaged Youth

    Africa’s Disengaged Youth

    In his article in Project Syndicate, George Lwanda, 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellow, warns that Africa could be engulfed by its youth bulge, rather than harnessing it to development goals.

  • For a Truly Global Peace Agenda in a Multipolar World

    For a Truly Global Peace Agenda in a Multipolar World

    China and the Asian region more broadly are taking pivotal roles in leveling the playing field for developing nations when it comes to driving global policies and multilateralism. Cecilia Milesi, 2019 AsiaGlobal Fellow, and Lauren Hess from Georgetown University argue that the wider sharing and adoption of best practices to prevent and address conflicts significantly broadens the pursuit of world peace.


Meet the AsiaGlobal Fellows

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  • Lectures by thought leaders

    Lectures by thought leaders

    Weekly lectures and discussion sessions are conducted by academic, policy, business and civil society leaders from Hong Kong and around the world.

  • Local visits in Hong Kong

    Local visits in Hong Kong

    Visits to different organizations are arranged for the Fellows.

  • Mentorship of HKU Undergraduates

    Mentorship of HKU Undergraduates

    Fellows provide mentorship and career counselling to HKU undergraduates and host lectures and seminars for knowledge exchange.


Who are AsiaGlobal Fellows?

  • Mid-Career individuals

    Mid Career
  • Up-and-coming influencers

    Up Coming inFlu
  • With proven leadership skills

    leadership skills
  • Representing more than

    25 Country
  • Average Age

    40 Years Old
  • Average years of work experience

    15 Years