Carlos Timo Brito

Carlos Timo Brito


Head of Research Unit

Brazillian Institute of Defence Studies


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As Chief Research Officer at the Brazilian Institute for Defence Studies - a think tank under Brazil's Ministry of Defence - Dr Timo Brito advises and assists his superiors in the design and monitoring of research programs. Additionally, he acts as the Ministry's representative at meetings and as a resource person in contacts with other government agencies, embassies and universities.

He has been a career policy specialist with the Brazilian Federal Government since 2000 and a part-time International Relations Professor at a local university since 2002. Before joining the Ministry of Defense in 2015, he worked at the Ministries of Justice and Finance. In 2007 he was granted a leave of absence and a full scholarship to carry out doctoral studies abroad. He was awarded a PhD degree by the University of Westminster (U.K.) in 2011.

His research as an AsiaGiobal Fellow will explore the new discourse about South-South Cooperation and the emergence of new international coalitions such as the BRICS (Brazit Russia, India, China and South Africa) and IBSA Trilateral (India, Brazil and South Africa). More specifically, he intends to examine policy transfers within these blocs, with focus in the areas of security and defense.

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