In the event that the Covid-19 pandemic does not recede as expected, international travel restrictions and other global health issues remain, AGI reserves the right to terminate or to change the Program structure, format, duration and elements without prior notice.

If a residential program is deemed not suitable in 2023, AGI reserves the right to carry out the Program with different approaches including but not limited to an online version or with a blended learning mode. No deferment will be arranged.


  • When does the 2023 cohort start?
    The Program is scheduled to commence mid August - September 2023. However, given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, the structure of the program may change. A blended approach may be introduced for the 2023 cohort. Successful candidates will be given more information when they receive the admissions offer. Please note that organizing face‐to‐face meetings and visits to companies or institutions in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia will be difficult.


  • How should I start planning my trip to Hong Kong?
    Before departing to Hong Kong, please take note of the HKSAR government’s boarding, quarantine and testing requirements. You should check which group your place of origin falls under before purchasing your plane ticket. 
  • Should I arrange my own travel insurance?
    Please arrange travel insurance coverage on your own for the period of the Program and AGI will reimburse this cost up to HK$2,000 for the said Program period only.



  • Do students need to be vaccinated before starting the Program?
    Vaccination is not required for entry to Hong Kong, but unvaccinated travelers are subject to longer quarantine periods. We encourage all international students to receive a vaccine, either in a different country before their entry to Hong Kong, or in Hong Kong after undergoing quarantine. Please refer to the Hong Kong government’s website for more information.


  • Will I need to undergo quarantine when I arrive in Hong Kong?
    Inbound travelers are required to undergo quarantine when they arrive in Hong Kong. The quarantine process varies depending on the travelers’ place of origin. Please refer to the government’s website on relevant quarantine procedures before you set out for Hong Kong.
  • Where will I be quarantined?
    Please refer to the Hong Kong government’s list of designated hotels for quarantine here and book your stay in advance. Fellows will be responsible for bearing all quarantine accommodation costs.


  • Where can I find information on the University’s latest health measures?
    The HKU COVID-19 Info Hub contains updates, information and advice related to the University’s activities.
  • How should we practice social distancing during the Program?
    All staff and Fellows will be required to wear face masks at all times when in the company of others. Please follow social distancing guidelines issued by local health authority and maintain good hygiene.
  • What happens if I get Covid-19 while in Hong Kong?
    If you test positive for Covid-19 while in Hong Kong, local health authorities will arrange for your stay and treatment at a public hospital. Your close contacts will also be quarantined. Please refer to the Centre for Health Protection website for more information.