Cristina Bizzi

Cristina Bizzi


Commercial Deputy Director

Ministry of Justice, U.K. Government

Head for Shared Services, Youth Justice and
Arm's Length Bodies, seconded from the Cabinet Office


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Prior to her current assignment with the Ministry of Justice, Ms Bizzi began her career in the U.K. Civil Service in 2014 as a Commercial Innovation Director at the Cabinet Office. Before joining the U.K. Government, she worked for 15 years in the private sector in banking (Citibank, Barclays Bank), oil & gas (EN I Group/ Agip) and manufacturing (Casappa). Ms Bizzi is a fully-qualified engineer and a member of the Engineering Chartered Institute of Italy. She holds a First Class Master's degree in industrial management from the Universita di Modena e Reggio Emilia in Italy. Her research topic looks at how governments can monitor and predict market innovation and support its implementation in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Her previous work in this field while in U.K. Government service revealed many barriers and lack of organizational readiness for proper implementation.

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