The 2017 AsiaGlobal Fellows are from diverse backgrounds and different corners of the world. They are distinguished mid-career professionals in government, policy, business and civil society. The inaugural cohort includes  a counsellor at the World Trade Organization, a director of public policy for Southeast Asia at Facebook,  a chief research officer at the Brazilian Institute for Defence Studies, a former senior China analyst at the Australian Government, a former undersecretary for legal affairs at the Philippines Department of Transportation, a research director at the Indian Council on Global Relations and a director of the U.K. Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health.

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  • Indonesia

    Director of Public Policy for Southeast Asia – Established Countries

  • Mexico

    Senior Evaluation Officer
    Mexican Evaluation Academy

  • Italy

    Commercial Deputy Director
    U.K. Government

  • Brazil

    Head of the Research and Training Office
    National Secretariat for Drug Policies (Brazil)

  • Singapore

    APAC Channel Marketing Director

  • Argentina

    Lawyer for the Interdisciplinary Ethics Committee
    Eva Peron Hospital

  • Bangladesh

    Additional Superintendent of Police
    Bangladesh Police

    Deputy Director
    Police Staff College Bangladesh

  • Indonesia

    Lecturer in the Graduate Program of Religious and Cultural Studies
    University of Sanata Dharma, Indonesia

  • U.S.

    Expatriate Attorney
    Russin & Vecchi

  • Hong Kong S.A.R., China

    New Success Group

    Vice Chairman
    Hua Jing Society

  • Australia

    Former Director of Policy Research
    Asia Global Institute

  • India

    Director of Research
    Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations

  • U.K.

    Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health

    Director of International Relations
    National Health Services (NHS) Confederation

  • Spain

    World Trade Organization

  • Philippines

    Former Undersecretary for Legal Affairs
    Department of Transportation

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