Florencia Daud


Lawyer for the Interdisciplinary Ethics Committee

Eva Peron Hospital


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Florencia Daud applies her expertise in bioethics at the Eva Peron Hospital in Buenos Aires to raise awareness of ethical issues in medicine, ensuring compliance with regulations on patients' rights, recommending policies and conducting case reviews. She helps to inform patients and families in order to better enable them to make difficult decisions. She reviews hospital procedures to reduce the potential for litigation against the institution. Florencia previously worked as a legal assistant to a member of Argentina's National Congress. She has also interned at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Florencia holds a master's degree from Bologna University  and was awarded a Chevening scholarship to participate in a postgraduate program in International Public Policy at the London School of Economics. Her research is on how bioethical issues are approached in different Asian countries as part of a broader consideration of the impact of technological medical innovations on society.

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