• Do the applicants need to come from specific countries or professions?
    The Program welcomes applicants of all ethnicities, nationalities, and professions.
  • Do the applicants have a minimum academic requirement?
    There are no formal academic requirements, but Fellows will normally be graduates.
  • Are there requirements in aspect of work experience?
    The Program seeks mid-career professionals with between 8 and 25 years of working experience.
  • If I have applied to the Program before and was not selected, can I apply again?
    Yes. Even though your pervious application was unsuccessful in the past, you could be a good fit for the coming cohort.
  • Will I receive updates on the status of my application before final results are announced?
    Due to the large number of applications, we are unable to provide updates on the status of individual applications. Shortlisted candidates will be informed as soon as decisions are made, normally before the middle of April.
  • Will you consider any applications submitted by email or post?
    No applications submitted outside our online system will be accepted.
  • Will you consider any applications submitted after the deadline?
    All applications must be completed and submitted through the online application system before the prescribed deadline. All applications submitted after this date will not be considered.
  • Will my application be considered if I don’t submit three references?
    No. Letters of recommendation from referees are of great importance in assessing applications. Please ensure that you have obtained the consent and accurate contact details of your three referees BEFORE you begin your application process. An email informing your referees of your request for a recommendation will be sent to them as soon as you submit your application. Reminders will be sent close to the application deadline. Your application will be considered incomplete until all your recommendation letters have been uploaded and you will be informed by email once your application is complete.

    Please ensure that all the letters are written in English.
  • Will program staff be in a position to give us updates about our applications?
    We are unable to view your applications before they are completed. However, the system has been designed to keep you informed about the status of your recommendation letters.
  • I have a full-time job. Can I participate in the program on a part-time basis if I am selected as one of the Fellows?
    No. Fellows are expected to commit to the Program, and to participate in all activities unless otherwise determined after consulting with the Program Director.