Asia Global Institute Welcomes Inaugural Cohort, AsiaGlobal Fellows Program

The Asia Global Institute is pleased to welcome 16 mid-career high-achievers to the inaugural cohort of the AsiaGlobal Fellows Program. The AsiaGlobal Fellows will be primarily based at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) from August to November 2017 for the duration of their 13-week program.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is the first of its kind in Asia. Its mission is to nurture international thinkers, future leaders, and influencers with a deep understanding of global issues from Asian perspectives. While at HKU, AsiaGlobal Fellows will be given full access to the University’s world-class educational resources, and benefit through mutual learning, mentorship, topical lectures, seminars, and leadership skills workshops. They will also take part in study trips to different Asian capitals and manufacturing centers.

The 16 AsiaGlobal Fellows are mid-career professionals, and come from different corners of Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. This group of diverse, outstanding individuals have leadership backgrounds and are influencers in government, civil society, and business. The inaugural cohort includes a senior member of staff for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and a former cybersecurity expert at the U.S. Department of Defense under President Barack Obama; a former Undersecretary for Legal Affairs at the Philippine Department of Transportation; a counsellor at the World Trade Organization; and the Director of the U.K. Centre for Urban Design and Mental Health.

“The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program represents our Institute’s commitment to championing the cause of globalization, which has succeeded in lifting millions of people out of poverty,” said Zhiwu Chen, Director of the Asia Global Institute and Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics at HKU. “Our ultimate goal is to build a continuously expanding network of promising future leaders for a further globalized world through intensive learning and interaction.” The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is directed by Dr Patrick Low, Visiting Professor at HKU and former Chief Economist of the World Trade Organization.

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