Reggie Ramos

Reggie Ramos


Former Undersecretary for Legal Affairs

Philippines Department of Transportation


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Ms Ramos is a legal advisor/consultant focusing on national infrastructure projects. In 2016 she completed her term as Undersecretary for Legal Affairs at the Philippines Department of Transportation, where she was part of a team that determined national transport policies and represented government in regional and international fora. Her area of special interest is sustainable transport and environmental issues, and she was one of the Philippines' lead negotiators for what is now the Paris Agreement of 2015. Ms Ramos graduated in 2003 with a Juris Doctor from the Ateneo de Manila University, School of Law, and her early professional life was devoted to honing her skills as a litigator.

Her research will focus on systemic transportation problems, the paradigms against which these problems are identified, and a deconstruction of how current "solutions" are reached. 


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