"My ultimate professional goal is to contribute to the development of my country by leading transformations. Everything I learned in this program will play an important role to achieve these aspirations." (Click here to view his full story on his AsiaGlobal Fellows experience) 


Alisson Andrade, Advisor for Competitive Intelligence and Promotion, Brazilian Tourism Board (Embratur) of the Ministry of Tourism (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)



"I highly recommend this program for people who are bold enough to be at the forefront of global change. It is amazing to be in a community of game-changers, policy-makers and future leaders." 

Anna Semenova, Head of Senior Management Learning and Development, Gazprom Neft (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)



“My favourite part of the program is definitely the trip to China. We visited three cities in China and had around 15 meetings during the trip. These meetings enabled us to learn how technology is shaping different aspects of lives in China and helping Chinese companies go global.”  

Ha Fung Cilla Ng, Drug Control Officer, International Narcotics Control Board United Nations (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)



"One of the highlights of the program was the opportunity to get out of the campus and engage with different kinds of people and institutions in Hong Kong. I learn a lot how Hong Kong can function so efficiently and can take the learnings back to my home country."


Ananth Krishnan, Journalist, The Hindu (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)

“The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is a good program for me as it offers an excellent balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, the program is administered by the Asia Global Institute of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and HKU is one of the top ranked universities in the region.”

Victor Mponda-Banda, Economic and Trade Advisor, TradeMark EastAfrica (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)


“I chose the AsiaGlobal Fellows Program because it was not a typical academic program. The program provided me with the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, interact with policy makers in the regions of Asia, and learn from my peers from around the world.”

Cecilia Milesi, Founder & CEO, Global Change (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2019)



It’s been over a year since 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellows have completed the program and a group of extraordinary mid-career professionals from around the globe was selected for last year’s cohort. Hear from our alumni on how the program has impacted them in their personal and professional lives. 



“I found it very inspiring when I get to know other fellows. We come from different countries and backgrounds and have different achievements and ambitions. That inspiration has continued on today. I am very hopeful of establishing a network of global change makers, trying to solve some of the world’s present issues.”

Bradley Hiller, Lead Consultant, World Bank and Asian Development Bank (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)



“What I love about the program is a good mix of different ways of learning, including lectures, executive training and research on specific topics, with a balance of theoretical and practical content. The components of the course are really interesting and stimulating! The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is very focused on Asian issues. If you are interested in the region, that’s definitely a very good program for you.”

Bruna Mara Liso Gagliardi, Diplomat, Deputy Head of the Middle East Division, Ministry of External Relations of Brazil (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)




"The knowledge-sharing and interactions among AsiaGlobal Fellows, and with a wide range of distinguished leaders in their fields, has been amazing. I leave the Program better equipped to contribute in my field of expertise and more broadly in society. "


Maria Perez Esteve, Counsellor, World Trade Organization (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2017)


"The AsiaGlobal Fellows program provides a great opportunity for an elevated, vibrant exchange and discussion of policy insights from fellows, experts and academics from different countries and contexts. Joining the AGF program has proven to be most enriching and comes with my highest recommendation."


Reggie Ramos, Deputy Director of Pilots and Innovation, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2017)


"Asia is preparing to play a larger role in international affairs. A key to that ambition would be to understand and articulate Asia’s vision on global policy issues. To that end, Asia Global Institute’s mission of learning about “Asian perspectives on global issues” and the participation of AsiaGlobal Fellows is critical. I highly recommend the institute and this fellowship program to mid-career professionals in global affairs from Asia and around the world."


Akshay Mathur, Director, Observer Research Foundation (Mumbai) (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2017)



“The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program has enhanced my personal growth and development and leadership skills. The program really widens my perspectives on different global issues. I can bring those new ideas to my organization and transfer some of the learning and training to my team members when I go back.”

Diane Mak, Senior Director, Impact Solutions at Y Analytics (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)



“The 13-week program gives us a very holistic immersion into the topics and issues we are analyzing. It gives us a lot of time to reach out to various thought leaders to understand the issues from different perspectives, and complete the research on a specific topic.”

Ira Paulo Pozon, Director for Business Development and Government Relations,  Huachen Capital Group Holding Inc. (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)



“The best thing you can gain from a program like this is the network and friendship developed. After the 2018 cohort, twelve of us from all over the world have all become very close friends.  I think the friendship will stay with us for life.”

Vera Kobalia, former Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)


"My impression before arriving was that  the program was too good to be true, and it turned out better than I imagined."


 Marc Levitt, former Policy Adviser, U.S. Department of Energy (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2017)



“I have been searching for a program that explores Asian public policy and AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is one of the only programs that has a strong focus on this.”


George Lwanda, Strategist and Team Leader of the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in The Gambia (AsiaGlobal Fellow 2018)